Rating System

All ratings and reviews I post are reflective of my honest opinion and are completely my own.

Every book I review will receive a rating out of 5 stars. Half stars will be awarded on occasion. I use the same rating system as on Netgalley.com; each star representing how likely I am to recommend this book to others.

One Star

I would not recommend this book. This book did not work for me.

Two Stars

I would probably not recommend this book. This book was not my cup of tea, but perhaps someone else might like it.

Three Stars

I would maybe recommend this book. I somewhat enjoyed this book, and believe there is a chance someone else might too.

Four Stars

Yes, I would recommend this book. I definitely enjoyed this book and think others would too.

Five Stars

I would strongly recommend this book. This book was so fantastic I will be thinking of it for days to come (if not longer). I thoroughly believe everyone would benefit from reading it.