Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given: ARC Book Review

Today I’m bringing to you my first ever book review of a non-fiction work!

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty is marketed as a “primer on modern feminism” and when looking for a way to describe this book, I would have to say that impression is pretty spot on. As someone whose considered herself a feminist for the better part of a decade, a lot of what Given discussed in her book were concepts I was already familiar with, but nevertheless served as a timely reminder and a diligent push to reconsider some of the things I had taken as a given in our society.

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The Divines by Ellie Eaton: ARC Book Review

“The divines” are the epitome of privilege, students at the elite boarding school, St John the Divine, these girls have it all. Equally feared by their teachers as they are hated by the townies where their school is situated, the divines believe themselves to be above all. Consequences can’t touch them.

That is, until Gerry Lake winds up sprawled out on the grass lawn, unresponsive, and rushed to Emergency.

Taking place across two timelines, The Divines tells the story of Josephine – or Jo as she’s referred to during her English boarding school days, and Sephine as she calls herself forever after. Josephine is determined to separate these two parts of her life, considering herself a different person than who she was all those years ago. But no matter how much she tries to forget, memories of what went down that fateful junior year continue to bombard her, making her question whether people can really change.

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His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie: ARC Book Review

His Only Wife tells the story of Afi, a young woman living with her mother in a small town in Ghana. Her and her widowed mother are poor, and shunned by her extended family. Luckily, however, Afi is a talented seamstress. Between these skills and her mother’s close friendship to a wealthy benefactor, they are able to get by. But soon this benefactor comes calling, and requests that Afi be married to her son – Elikem.

Enthusiastic to do her part and support her family, Afi readily agrees. But her marriage to Elikem winds up not being as perfect of a match as it first seemed. Once married, the secret comes out: Elikem is in love with another woman – one his family does not approve of. And Afi, once relocated to the city of Accra, finds herself with much more free time on her hands than she could have ever expected. And feeling empowered by her brother-in-law’s mistress, Afi strikes out on her own and looks to attending a school for fashion design.

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Written in the Stars by Alexandra Bellefleur: ARC Book Review

Hello! My name is Liza and I’m a self-proclaimed Austen-aholic. 🙋🏻‍♀️

If you know anything about me you have to know that I adore my Jane Austen. So you can bet how excited I was to hear about a queer retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

Written in the Stars tells the story of Elle, a twitter-famous social media astrologer, and Darcy, a skeptical actuary who’s secret obsession is watching daytime soap operas. These two couldn’t appear more different from the outset. And when they first meet, disaster strikes in the form of a truly horrible blind date. (We’re talking drinks spilled, outfits ruined, the whole nine yards!)

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Furia by Yamile Saied Méndez: ARC Book Review

Camila is a 17-year-old Argentinian girl with her eyes set on achieving the practically impossible: going to North America for university on an athletic scholarship.

Surrounded by men and a society that doesn’t believe a woman can succeed as an athlete, Camila lives a secret life: that of La Furia, a promising fútbol player who may just have enough talent and perseverance to make it. But to get any further, she’ll need the support of her parents, both of whom no nothing of her playing.

To make matters more complicated, her ex-flame is back in town after moving to Italy to play fútbol professionally. And he has his eyes set on rekindling their relationship… but Camila is more hesitant. She has ambitions of her own… ones that don’t account for her having a boyfriend who lives in Italy.

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