Namesake by Adrienne Young: ARC Book Review

After the absolute cliff-hanger of an ending, Namesake picks up exactly where Fable left off.

Separated from the crew of the Marigold and her only allies in a world full of thieves and crooks, Fable must make her way back to them as best she can. But that’s easier said than done, and more than one surprise may be sailing towards her. Along the way, Fable finds herself in deep water, and at the crosshairs of a political affair she never could have foreseen. While trying to untangle the web of lies and half-truths that surround her, Fable soon learns more about her mother than she could have ever hoped to… And that knowledge may just change everything.

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Fable by Adrienne Young: ARC Book Review

Fable lives by five simple rules her father, the infamous pirate captain, Saint told her before abandoning her on Jeval, an island on the edge of the world inhabited by thieving mercenaries.

Following these rules is what helped to keep Fable alive. But when she escapes Jeval with the crew of the Marigold, a small rag-tag group of traders, in search of her father (who has promised to give her what’s owed to her if she can return to him), she finds her world-view may need some adjusting. And going against Saint’s rules – the ones which dutifully kept her alive for so long – might be exactly what she needs to do to survive.

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