4 LGBTQ+ Books to Read this Holiday Season: 2022 Edition

Get out your hot chocolate and put on your coziest set of pj’s – it is officially that time of year again! β„οΈπŸŒŸπŸ’

Two years ago around this time, I did a post called 4 Books I Want to Read This Holiday Season, where I listed a few holiday-themed books I wanted to read to get me into the holiday spirit. And this year between the extremely cold weather, being sick with the flu, and the ominous flight conditions, I felt the need for a few more holiday tales to lift my spirits once again. To make things a little different from last time and to add some excitement, I choose to highlight 4 holiday-themed reads that were released this year. Half are adult fiction and the other half are YA, so there’s really something for everyone here. Bonus points for them all being queer! ✨

Because there’s truly nothing better than the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve when there’s nothing to do and no expectations but to cozy up with a good book.

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6 Short Contemporary and Classic Novels for Your Goodreads Challenge

It’s that time of year again… 2022 is winding down, and with it, the time to achieve your Goodreads Challenge is quickly coming to a close.

Look, setting a GR goal is just a fun thing to do, and there truly aren’t any consequences for missing the mark (or just adjusting your goal at the last minute 🀫). BUT if you are the type of person who really wants to achieve their yearly book goal and is struggling to get there, this is the post for you! I have some highly recommended classic and contemporary novels you may want to check out.

And the best part? These books are all 250 pages or less! πŸ‘€

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My Top Ten Reads from 2020

2020 was my first year as a book blogger! And since becoming a book blogger I’ve had the opportunity to read a lot of fantastic books, many of which were recently published in 2020 too! Since the year is ending, I thought it would be fun to look back through the – over 100! – books I’ve read this year and discuss my top ten favorite reads from 2020.

All these books were written and read in 2020! Isn’t that awesome?!

T o mix it up, I decided to split these top ten titles into my five favorite YA/Adult reads since I tend to read both genres – and love them equally. Check them out, and let me know if any of these titles made it onto your Best of 2020 Lists! ☺️

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My Most Anticipated Reads for 2021

One of the things I love most about joining the online book community is seeing the hype and anticipation for yet to be published works. Before I became a book blogger – and quickly fell down the ARC hole that is NetGalley and Edelweiss+ – I almost never heard about books prior to their release. Most often, I wouldn’t even hear about them until years later!

Now, I regularly hear about incredible titles months before they come out, and boy, does it make me excited! (And increase the size of my TBR tenfold… πŸ˜…) Since it’s almost a new year, I thought it’d be fun to look through all the titles I can’t wait to read and list my most anticipated books being published in 2021. πŸ’«

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3 ASMRtists to Listen to While Reading (or Studying)

Yes, I listen to ASMR. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it. (Well, mostly.)

Look, ASMR is a super popular phenomenon for something that many people find weird. πŸ˜‚ I admit, even I thought it was a bit kooky when I first heard about it… but at this point I’m pretty addicted. πŸ˜…

Now ASMR is my favorite thing to listen to while reading. 🎧✨ Especially because most of the time I’m reading while sitting on the couch beside my partner as she games, which can get pretty loud between the sounds of the game itself and her yelling at the TV (LOL). So my goal with this post is to give a little attention to the ASMRtists (YouTubers who specialize in ASMR-related content) that I find most appealing to play in the background while I read (or study, since it is back-to-school season). 😌

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