Recipe: Mix and Match Iced Tea Sangria

Taking a break today from posting book reviews to keep my blog a little varied! This is a cocktail recipe I like to make to enjoy while reading, especially on warm summer evenings. πŸŒ…

Two things I absolutely love – besides books haha – are wine and iced tea. 😍 Which is why I came up with this recipe. It’s a combination of two of my favourite summertime drinks, thus making it my ultimate favourite summertime drink! πŸ₯‚

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Recipe: A Crispy Summertime Snack

It’s hard to believe, but summer has come at last. Even though the season will look very different this year – I doubt I’ll be taking any day trips to the beach or renting out a cottage to share with some friends – I can’t help but feel my spirits lift along with the longer-lasting sunshine.

Since being stuck at home, I’ve found myself snacking even more than usual; and what with it being summer, I’ve begun craving lighter (but nevertheless filling) fare. Not to mention that what with this new sedentary lifestyle, I’d prefer to avoid unnecessary calorie consumption where I can. I’m no diet fanatic – but I do consider it a win when I can manage to make something that both tastes good and is healthy to boot.

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