We’ll Never Tell by Wendy Heard: Blog Tour & Author Interview

Today is an exciting day because I get to share with you all my interview with author Wendy Heard! I’ve been a fan of Wendy’s since She’s Too Pretty to Burn and always get psyched when I see she’s got a new queer mystery/thriller in the works. I’m thrilled to have had the chance to pick her brain about all things YA, murder mystery, and creating a compelling thriller – something she excels at! Without much further ado, here it is:

First of all, thank you so much for letting me interview you! I’ve been a big fan since reading She’s Too Pretty to Burn, and I adored Dead End Girls! What inspired you to write your latest novel, We’ll Never Tell?

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March & April 2023: Monthly Wrap-Up

Long time, no speak, dear readers! I hope your March and April treated you well! The days have been getting longer, the weather has been getting warmer, and I am very pleased to see we are finally into spring! 🌷🌸💕

I don’t know about where you live, but here it felt like winter would never end! It’s only within the past few weeks we’ve finally had a reprieve from the snow… and now the weather has been into the high 20s (celsius, of course). Not that I’m complaining! ☀️

I felt like I finally got my reading mojo back this past month! I got on a roll at the beginning of April, and the next thing I noticed I had read 11 books (after finishing only 2 in March). 😮 It might have helped that I also won my first-ever bookstagram contest! That’s right, you’re looking at the proud owner of one copy of Forget Me Not by Alyson Derrick, courtesy of Simon & Schuster Canada. 😍

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January & February 2023: Monthly Wrap-Up

And in the blink of an eye, it’s March! January and February felt both jam-packed and like they went by in a flash!

Honestly, my life has been pretty boring lately, there’s not much to say! I’ve been pretty busy between working and studying that I, unfortunately, haven’t had a lot of time to read or review the books I have read. I feel like even two months in I’m already behind on my review goal. 🫣

I’m trying not to get down about it though. I’ve had the chance to read some really great books this year (mostly on audio since my commute is no joke), and I can’t wait to share all my thoughts with you all (even if it might take me a bit of time to do that)!

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2022 in Review & 2023 Resolutions: Yearly Wrap-Up

2022 was a big year for me! The biggest surprise being that I got ENGAGED! ✨ And, somehow, I anticipate 2023 will be just as busy. Between planning my wedding and studying for my professional exam, there is a lot to keep me on my toes over the next 12 months!

With all my responsibilities this year, it has been hard to prioritize blogging as much as I maybe would have wanted to. Because , even when I wasn’t that busy it was sometimes hard to motivate myself to post because I was feeling uninspired. I never want this blog to feel like a burden, so making sure that I took time away from it and only posted when I was really feeling motivated was so important for me this past year. Yes, this meant I posted less, but I think it was worth it in the end.

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December 2022: Monthly Wrap-Up

Here we are, already a week into 2023! Honestly, the past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur. I feel like I’m still trying to get my bearings from the end of the holiday season… Just in time to jump right back into work and real life winding up again.

Let’s just say the holiday “break” wasn’t really that much of a break. 🙃 My trip got cut in half due to all the craziness at the airport, which means I didn’t do everything I hoped to, and there was a lot of additional stress surrounding the trip. Not that I should be complaining, because it was so nice to see my family and catch up with everyone.

Not only that, but I am in the middle of planning my wedding! 💍💕 Which is super exciting (but also pretty stressful). The wedding will be in my hometown, so the entire trip was mostly spent figuring out those logistics. But I got A LOT sorted, which definitely elevates some stress. And honestly, it was very fun to visit the venue, start vision boarding the decorations, and pick out my dress!

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